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Deepika’s Ranbir Tattoo Removed? No Just Covered By Makeup, say Friends

There has  been a  lot of speculation regarding the seeming  disappearance   of  the ‘Ranbir’ tattoo that has been adorning the  back of  Deepika Padukone’s neck for years now.

Suddenly at Cannes it was  no longer visible.

So has  it been surgically removed?

“No,” says a  source in the   know. “It’s there.  Just covered with  clever makeup.Deepika doesn’t plan to remove the tattoo at all. It is  likely to remain on her neck for keeps  as a reminder  of her past impulses.”

 There was some  discussion among the Padukone  clan about  altering the  tattoo from ‘Ranbir’ to ‘Ranveer’.

 But Deepika has  shot down the  idea.

“Yeah it’s Ranveer Singh(in her life) now. But who knows   about tomorrow?” says a friend  of  the actress.


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