Delhi Smog Pre-empted, Film On  Global Warming & Pollution To  Be Premiered For The World Bank!

National award  winning filmmaker Nila Madhab Pandya’s new film Kadvi Hava  seems to have  pre-empted  the current climatic crisis in  New Delhi.

And  now  the  film is being  premiered  by the World Bank  in Delhi  on  Friday as part of  a campaign  to create  global awareness  about ecological  perils.

Says  Pandya, “The  Ministry  of Environment, Forest  and  Climate Change  is  officially  supporting our film.We would like the film to be a movement. Environmental issues and climate change is not taken seriously even  by adults in India. I think this  support  by  world organizations  like The World Bank for  the film will make people open their eyes and look more carefully into  the seriousness of  global climatic issues  and its consequences we are facing in day-to-day life.Look at what’s happening in Delhi. People are choking to death. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi.  Chennai have repeatedly witnessed climatic  catastrophes. But still how much do we do we care? That  is  the  big question. I hope the film will have some impact emotionally with people.”

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