Is Dhishoom Inspired By An Akshay Kumar Strarer?

 Is Dhishoom inspired by the 1994 Akshay Kumar-Saif Ali Khan blockbuster Main Khiladi Tu Anari ?

There are many similarities in the bonding that Akshay and Saif shared in the 1994 blockbuster and the one shared by John and Varun in Dhishoom.Both the pairs share a mentor-pupil kind of camaraderie. In both the bro-mances the older partner  is an unsmiling no-nonsense guy while the younger one is a jovial easy-going fun-loving flirt.

Says a source from the Dhishoom team , “There are definite similarities between the two sets of characters.Add to that,even the female lead in Dhishoom is similar to Main Khiladi Tu Anari. In the latter Shilpa Shetty chased down the reluctant Akshay Kumar to get his attention. In Dhishoom Jacqueline Fernandes does  exactly the same.”

Incidentally John is a big Akshay Kumar fan.And so is director Rohit Dhawan. They worked together in DesiBoyz . In fact Dhishoom was planned with the same team. But then Rohit Dhawan decided to cast his kid brother in the younger protagonist’s role.

Akshay makes a cameo appearance in Dhishoom.

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