Did Mahesh Bhatt Unintentionally Give Away Marksheet Plot To Emraan?

Emraan Hashmi is currently going through  an extremely lean phase in his career. To perk up his sagging career Emraan announced  a new film based on the examination-paper scandal leaks on the eve of  his birthday.

 The  project entitled Cheat India now  faces plagiarism charges from the  makers  of another proposed film Marksheet based  on the same scandal, and Mahesh Bhatt who is common to both the films, could  be the inadvertent link in  this leak.

Delhi-based  actor Imran Zahid who is  Mahesh Bhatt’s  protégé  claims to have shared  the plot  details of Marksheet  with Mahesh Bhatt. “Bhatt Saab and I speak freely to one another. I  have shared details of our project with him. He might have shared it with people around.Sir is an open person . He talks his heart out withoutrealising that there are people who are so starved of ideas that they steal those ideas unconsciously.”

 So is Imraan saying that Emraan Hashmi got the idea of his film from his uncle Mahesh Bhatt who must have  shared the details  of Imran Zahid’s  project withEmraan?

  Imraan says, “All I can say is that Bollywood is not capable  of thinking of let alone making a  film on this theme without the prodding.My writers are grassroots people . This is our idea which has traveled to the makers of Cheat India. They are arrogant and the Writers’ Association also stands to be exposed  for  their inaction.”

 Imraan  hopes this incident wouldn’t strain  his relations with  Mahes Bhatt. “I know  Bhatt Saab is in a strange spot . On the one side he has me and the truth,  and the other side the interests of his nephew Emraan. But I learnt from him not to hold back and fight for the truth . But still, I must confess I am a little worried how he will react.”

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