Did Priyanka help Reunite The Jonas Brothers?

BWhile  Yoko Ono’s relationship  with the legendary  John Lennon is said  to have been one of  the  primary reasons why  the  band Beatles  broke  up , Priyanka Chopra who  is now married to   Nick Jonas is  being  credited with bringing  her husband back  together with  her two brothers .

Their band known as  the Jonas Brothers comprising  the  brothers Kevin Joe and Nick,  split up in 2013 after  8 years  of being together.But now  barely  months  after Nick’s marriage to  Priyanka Chopra the  Band has  regrouped  to formally  release a new album on March 1.

 While the  Jonas family rejoices it is being said that the  new member  of family, Priyanka, played a  big hand in bringing the brothers  together.

“Priyanka encouraged  her husband  Nick to re-open dialogue on their association as a band. Since it was  Nick who is said  to have broken the band  Priyanka personally  played the doting sister-in-law to Kevin and  Joe and coaxed them  to sit with her husband for  conversations on  re-grouping. If it wasn’t for  Priyanka the Jonas’ new album Sucker wouldn’t have  happened,” says a  source in  the  know.

All we  can  say  is, good going, Priyanka. Let the  music flow. A musical collaboration with her husband  Nick is  now on  the cards.

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