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We Didn’t Take My Uncle’s Permission For His Song: Amaal Malik



We Didn’t Take My Uncle’s Permission  For His Song .We  Took The Rights  Of The Original,” Amaal Malik Comes Clean  On  The Neend Churayi Remix Controversy

Anu Malik’s hit song Neend churayi meri kissne o sanam from the 1997 film Ishq has found its way  in Golmaal Returns.

Interestingly  the composer responsible  for  the re-mix is none other Anu’s nephew Amaal Malik who says he could not take his  uncle’s consent before using his song.

Interjects Amaal, “We didn’t need to his permission, actually.The rights belong to someone else.Still  I tried to call my uncle.  But he did not take  my call. So I gave up. In any case we didn’t need  to take Anu Uncle’s permission  to use the song. We  had taken the rights of  the original song on which the Neend churayitune is  based.”

The source of this  song is the song ‘Sending All My Love’ by the band Linear.

Says Amaal, “We took the rights from Linear before doing the song.However I’d have liked to take my Uncle’s permission .That seemed  like the right thing to do. We even wanted  him to sing the re-mix .It would have been nice nostalgic touch. But as I said he wouldn’t entertain my calls. But I do hope he likes what we have done to his song.”

Amaal says he  is in principle opposed to adapting and re-mixing old songs. “These days  too much of this unsolicited inspiration is happening. We have re-mix specialists who just take over the ownership of the original and give interviews as  if  the  re-mix is an original. But I’d like to make this  very clear. Neendchurayi meri  is not my composition.”

Amaal always says no to doing re-mixes. But this time he  just couldn’t turn away the request. “It came from a banner like Rohit Shetty’s and  from AjayDevgan. And they were really keen. I just couldn’t say no. In fact we had a completely different , original,composition ready for the situation. But we were asked to use this(Neend churayi meri) instead.But  I assure you, you won’t hear me doing re-mixes unless it is  absolutely imperative to do so.”

Amaal believes originality is getting scarce in film music. “The ones who pinch songs  from other sources are so badnaam that even if they do an  original song they are accused of copying. I would not  like to add to the prevalent culture of  duplicity.”


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