Disha Patani’s fan girl moment on High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar!

Bollywood superhero Tiger Shroff and his leading lady Disha Patani made an appearance on High Fever… Dance Ka Naya Tevar, recently, to promote their upcoming film Baaghi 2.

The minute they set foot on stage, the hot pair got both the audience and the contestants jumping out of their seats cheering for them. However, the gorgeous Disha Patani had a fan girl moment herself when she got the opportunity to share the stage with her dancing idol Dana Alexa, the glamourous international judge on the show.

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The actress confessed being a huge fan of Dana Alexa’s choreography and her bold dancing style. She said. “I am having a fan moment right now. I have made many videos based on Dana’s choreography and I used to try and copy her style. I would post these videos online and I even tagged her. Dana’s a fab dancer.”

Adding to her fan moment Dana Alexa told Disha Patani that she has seen all her videos and loves her work. Ahmed then invited and requested this unique jodi of Dana and Disha to perform together on the stage of High Fever. Both the ladies graciously accepted the invitation and gave a rocking performance, which Lara Dutta, Ahmed Khan and Tiger Shroff happily scored as a “Chemistry Zordaar, Moves Mazedaar and Level Saat Samundar Paar” performance.

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