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Escape Room Movie Review: It Is Putrid American Garbage



Escape Room

Directed by  Adam Robitel

Rating:*(1 star)

 Why on earth would anyone invest  100 minutes  in this  foul malevolent  piece  of  wannabe cinema  with no redeeming  quality  except the end-credits?

Escape Room makes you desperate  to escape the  theatre.  Clumsily directed and performed by amateurs  who believe  youth gives  them the birthright to  mediocrity. Film  like these entitle  universal stupidity  from  the  entire  cast and crew. And  perhaps a certain kind of audience  actually enjoys  the utterly flippant farcical fear-fest , just as  some people enjoy getting their testicles crushed  in an  icebox.

There’s no telling about tastes.

This  is  perhaps  the  worst  film I’ve seen in  ages  in any language.  It  makes  the  other  contenders  for the  worst  like Thugs Of Hindustan and Sanju look positively  desirable in comparison.

For  anyone  interested  in the  plot, there are  six  people(Taylor Russell ,Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll , Tyler Labine ,Jay Ellis ,Nik Dodani)  for a game that  requires them   to indulge in some  extreme  sports, how extreme we soon know  because  some of  them lose their lives.And  guess what? Nobody cares! 

By the  time this  calamity befalls the  screenplay we  have other larger catastrophes  to worry  about.  Like how on  earth did the  brains(?)  behind this  witless show ever believe  they could get away with what is at best an optical scam with six  people scampering through studio-built gaming traps that are an insurance hazard  only for the audience.  As for  the  participants , if they get into this trashy trap they deserve what comes to them.

I  have some unsolicited advice for  the  major exhibitors  of Hollywood film in India.Avoid  importing bilge  from  abroad.We  have enough  of our own  to deal with.

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