Eye Spy: Bollywood Superstar’s Second Marriage Over?

Bollywood ’s biggest whisper campaign at the moment concerns the impending closure of the second marriage of a prominent superstar with a squeaky-clean image. Known for his commitment to a conscientious way of life and his advocation of social causes such as women’s empowerment,  this superstar had divorced his first wife, his childhood sweetheart, and left her and their children  “amicably”, to marry a second time.

One wonders how amicable this “propah” superstar’s parting with his second wife, known to have a mind of her own, would be. At the moment friends are trying their level-best to bring about a patch-up as the superstar has moved out of his home with his current and wife and their only child, apparently to be close to his young co-star of two films.

Says a source well-informed of the development, “The Superstar has moved out of his home with his wife and child.He apparently wants to re-marry, though we are not sure of this. The problem is, unlike Biwi no.1, Biwi no.2 is no walkover.She will have a  lot to say about this betrayal.It’s going to get very messy as they have a very small child. There is also the problem of the Superstar’s squeaky-clean man-of-the-masses image. His massive fan-following is likely to be seriously eroded  if the  news gets out .”

Desperate efforts are on to bring about a rapprochement and to make the Superstar see the imprudence of his current obsession with  a co-star young enough to be his daughter.

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