Farhan Akhtar On Playing Dawood

Audiences this week were surprised to see Farhan Akhtar playing  a Dawood-like gangster in the Arjun Rampal starrer Daddy.

Farhan’s  appearance in the film was a well-kept secret.

Says Farhan  “It was planned as a very quiet appearance. Not to be publicized at all.It was just 4-5 scenes and we wanted to keep it completely low-profile. I also played him as very detached, very out of  it. Even when he  is giving orders to his associates and subordinates he does in a tone of complete neutrality.As if he was beyond caring.”

Farhan says he left  the entirely detailing and execution of the character to director Ashim Ahluwalia. “He did all the research on Dawood. I  just went by his vision. I don’t know  how my role and the film have shaped up because I haven’t seen Daddy.I’ve been too busy promoting my own film Lucknow Central.”

Farhan is bowled  over by his Rock On co-star Arjun Rampal’s commitment to  playing Arun Gawli. “He was completely into it. He submerged himself totally in the character.When Arjun asked me to join him in the film I felt he genuinely felt I could play the character. That made up my mind.”

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