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Fast & The Furious First Hollywood Film To Be Dubbed In Kannada

As India gears up this week for the release of the 8th instalment of the Fast & The Furious franchise—two days ahead of its global release– news comes of Universal Pictures, the film’s Indian distributors, flooding the Indian theatres on April 13 and a day earlier with the ‘psid previews’ , with an  unprecedented  number  of screens and show.

But here is the actual historic crux of the franchise-bingeing. Fast & The Furious 8  is the first Hollywood film to be dubbed into Kannada.

Says a source fully clued into the development, “Normally all the big Hollywood films, and that includes all the previous 7 instalments of Fast & Furious were dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. This is the first international film to be dubbed into Kannada.”

Interestingly Karnataka does not allow films from languages other than Kannada to be dubbed into Kannada.

It remains to be seen how the Karnataka populace responds to this provocative linguistic stimulus.

So far Karnataka has rigidly resisted attempts to bring dubbed non-Kannada films into the State.


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