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Five Hollywood Franchises we would love to see Irrfan in



As the teaser of Irrfan’s next in Hollywood takes internet by storm, we look at some characters from iconic franchises which we truly believe Irrfan would be perfect fit for. 

Pirates of The Carribean as Jack Sparrow:

Since the highest grossing franchise of all times, the Pirates of the Carribean revolved around Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, who has this amazing skill of mounding the character to his preference without harming the tone. We would love to watch Irrfan as Jack Sparrow as he also propagates the theory of doing the character in his own way and who wouldn’t love to see Irrfan’s intensity which is perfect for this role matched with whimsical behaviour of Sparrows!



The Joker in The Dark Knight

It would be rather interesting to have Irrfan take his own way of portraying the most hated yet the most loved character of The Joker in The Dark Knight. The sinister smile, the evil punchlines most certainly would be well suited for Irrfan

Severus Snape from Harry Potter

Who doesn’t know the most famous movie series of all time and one of its most loved yet hated characters of the movie. It would not be difficult for Irrfan to do any character in the movie but we would love to see him carry the character of professor Snape beautifully. The reason being the character has less of dialogues and more of punch lines and is a teacher with a mysterious agenda! And those deep stares is something Irrfan would master with no effort.

Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock

Firstly Robert Downey Jr and Irrfan Khan are the most versatile actors!Stating that the character of Sherlock Holmes is a very smart and intelligent person the character states a very wise man, if Irrfan was seen instead of Robert Downey Jr, we will have another spark from him, not to forget Holmes charm and suave which comes naturally to Irrfan

Transformers 4: Age of extinction

After the first 3 parts the character megatrons (galvatron) voice hasn’t been keeping up with optimus prime. Irrfan tends to have a very deep and intimidating voice which would do the character justice. Irrfan could easily combine his method acting here giving us a serious and funny character at once!

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