Gay Filmmakers Exempt Karan Johar 

The Karan Johar episode with Arjun Kapoor and  Varun Dhawan  included a skit on two gay men interacting in a bar.While the skit has been criticized on twitter, two gay Bollywood   writers-directors stand by Karan Johar’s right to have some fun on the show.

Says writer-film editor Apurva Asrani, “I had a laugh. It was done in good spirit. Neither Arjun nor Varun was disgusted nor poking fun at gay people. If anything, they were shy, which was quite endearing. Really,we’ve come a long way from Dostana. As for Karan’s query on penis size,I don’t see that as insensitivity towards any particular community. That’s probably just Karan trying to score some titillation.”

Adds Onir, “I have not seen it … So cannot comment if it was ridicule or just harmless fun. I think it’s good to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh and not take everything too seriously .We Indians get offended at everything.”

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