Golmaal Out Performs Secret Superstar By Leaps & Bounds, Has  The Aamir Magic Failed?

No matter how hard   the Aamir Khan camp may  try to convince us to the contrary, the fact is Secret Superstar has  underperformed. And  there  is  a tremendous  amount of churning and brainstorming going on as  to what went wrong.

A  well-informed source reveals, “Secret Superstar has done well enough. But  it is not a spectacular hit. It was never meant to be. The film has a 15-year semi-newcomer in  the lead and Aamir makes an  extended guest appearance.  They wanted to compete headlong with this Diwali’s other release. But Golmaal Again got a far  bigger opening. This has shocked the Aamir Khan  camp which saw  thus Diwali as a Aamir Khan Versus Ajay Devgan war.”

Apparently Aamir’s camp is miffed because Ajay has a role in  Golmaal Again as brief as Aamir in Secret SuperstarPhir bhi log zayada Golmaal pasand kar rahen hain.Aamir’s marketing team  stunned is.Apparently Aamir has made his  displeasure clear to his team.”

There is  a lesson here for all mega-stars.  Don’t take the audience  for granted. They will see the film  they enjoy and  not the film that YOU want them  to enjoy. In Secret Superstar the biggest downer  is the music. For a film about a singer that’s unforgivable.

Next time  you make  film about music, try better tunes.

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