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Hansal Mehta Accepts 10 Cuts In Simran!



After all the hue and cry that he raised over one proposed cut in Aligarh, Hansal Mehta has gone and accepted as many as 10 cuts in his vivacious saga on women’s empowerment Simran, thereby leaving his leading lady somewhat less empowered.

Among the cuts “recommended” by the CBFC (read: either take the cuts or lose precious time going to the Tribunal) are  the word ‘bitch’  which has been ordered out in 6 places.

A source reveals , “Derogating women by gesture or language will never be permissible under any guideline, be it Pahlaj or Prasoon.”

Also out is  the ‘b’ word used to describe people of uncertain parentage .A casual  reference to the Muslim community has also been censored.

Bur the most interesting cuts are onomatopoeic.  Loud moaning sounds during sexual  intercourse have been asked to be reduced .

“The  sound effect made the sex scene look far more provocative than it actually was .So it was asked to be toned down,” says a source.

And if you think sex is the only brake-able commodity at the CBFC, think again. Violence also gets curtailed in Simran. A scene showing a stinging slap has been told to tone down the sound of the violent act.

With a total of 10 cuts Hansal Mehta can now collect his  ‘UA’ certificate for Simran  and moan….I mean breathe  a sigh of relief.

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