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Has Reality Television Hit An All-Time Low With ‘Swami’ Om In Bigg Boss? Former Bigg Boss Contestants React

Rahul Roy: “Firstly on any given Sunday ANYONE could see this guy was in no way a Swami .I think Colors overplayed their card of keeping a colourful character in the game which went horribly wrong .It’s good they finally got him out .Kudos to Salman for hanging in there dealing with all this murk and filth.THE MONEY ISNT WORTH IT. Nor are any emotional ties formed in there.”

Vindoo Dara Singh:”Om  is a twisted and complexed person who couldn’t comprehend what Big Boss is all about ! He is a blackmailing kind of person so tried all possible means to win the show and kept his madness alive throughout it . Now that he is out he still harbours the dream and is leaving no stone unturned by speaking his lies to get back in as he believes he can do the impossible. Colors couldn’t throw him out and now won’t let him in.”

Rahul Dev:  I reckon when commerce & creativity combine, commerce tends to take precedence . I reckon the conflicts between the house members and Om made for better viewing in a show which is inherently voyeuristic in the nature of its design.People do tend to notice someone with no scruples , who’s abusive, anti-social , dishonest and a misogynist.That noticeability creates controversy which transcends  into viewership, I reckon.. doesn’t say much for the “sign of the times” and basic value systems in a constantly evolving society though I feel people like you who hold the special power of the pen to articulate things in the correct perspective can throw light on such dark forces.”

Sangram Singh : I went into Bigg boss because I needed money to buy a house but I was not much aware about the show’s purpose. I did season 7 but I never watch this show. The Channel needs only TRPs. Aap chahe kaise bhi reh rahe ho, wo unkorakhenge, ya phir outside people are liking that person.But I would suggested aise People ko show ke liye select karna chahiye, jo youth or society ko good message desakey. Entertainment lekin ache tarike se.”

Saahil Anand: “While  I was inside Bigg House I tried to pacify control and calm Swami Om. Whenever he would badmouth women and talk cheaply about them I’d advise him to take deep breaths. Swamiji did everything on camera .When he  lied  he admitted it on camera. On the other hand Priyanka Jagga just lied and plotted. So I found her more annoying. Swamiji  was not always wrong. But his manner of conducting himself was so obnoxious that at the end of it I was also very annoyed with him.”

Ajaz Khan: “They evicted him much too late. They should have taken him out of the BiggBoss house long ago. But they were enjoying the dirty doings of  his dirty mind and soul.”

Ashmit Patel: “I don’t really watch Big Boss but my girlfriend Maheck Chahal does and she told me about this incident. It’s deplorable and definitely is a new low for any kind of tv and person to behave in such a manner. Having said that the network always has the option of editing content but clearly he must garner ratings so they kept him.”


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