Has Salman Khan Forgiven Huma For Fling With Sohail?


Friends of Salman Khan were surprised when the Superstar greenlighted young Saqib Saleem as one one of the leads in Race 3.

Saqeeb is the brother of actress Huma Qureshi who had not too long ago insinuated herself into Salim Khan’s family fold, specially Salim’s third son Sohail, with whom Huma’s closeness become a topic of drawingroom discussion.

The whispers reached Salman’s ears .And he quickly banned Huma’s visits into the Khans’ home.The dark incident was quickly forgotten.

While Huma still remains blacklisted Salman has surprisingly decided to exempt her brother from his ring of wrath.

Says a friend of Salman, “We were surprised when Salman said ok to Saqib’s casting in Race 3. Bhai even went out of his way to give tips to Saqib during the shooting and made sure his role didn’t suffer in any way.”

However it is to be noticed that Saqib’s twin sister in Race 3 is played by the Salman groupie Daisy Shah.Apparently the consensus during casting was in favour of casting Saqib’s real sister Huma as his screen sister.

That’s when Salman said a firm no.

Bhai, being human ki bhi ek seema hoti hai.

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