Has Veere Di Wedding Crossed The Censorial Line?

The otherwise-fun mood  of  the trailer  of Shashanka Ghosh’s  Veere Di  Wedding is shattered  by  all the four protagonists using forbidden foul language.

While the current CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi is known to be  liberal  on several counts when it comes  to the spoken language profanities  and  abusive words are a strict no-no.

The  current blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War had all the mild  swear-words cleaned  out although the  film’s  Indian distributors Disney argued that this is the accepted language among legions of fans of  Marvel comics.

The  profanities in the trailer  of Veere Di Wedding  including Sonam Kapoor using the Hindi ‘bahen’ cussword are already being cleaned out on the various news and entertainment channels.

A spokesperson from the  Bharatiya Janta Party says the language heard in Veere Di Wedding is unacceptable. “I don’t know  which section  of the Indian 20-something female  population  talks  like this. And for what  purpose? I woudn’t like to say much . But to hear Anil Kapoor’s daughter and Kareena Kapoor Khan talking  like this is not very encouraging. They have a huge fan following that  follows their clothes and  speech. Is this the example they want to set?”

However Swara Bhaskar who  plays  one of  the  four protagonists says  the outrage at the  dialogues are unjustified.  “The film is an honest unabashed real look at the friendship of four urban girls from an upper middle class strata of society.This is how young people both men and women , talk to each other.We are just being real and being ourselves. That’s it.There is no other agenda or message to it.”

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