Hema Malini: “Dharamji Wept Like A Baby…My Heart Reaches Out To Sridevi’s Daughters”

“I’ve just returned from the prayer meeting. She was  looking like a  radiant beautiful bride…I almost felt like she was  acting for a film and she would soon wake   up…I’ve known Boney Kapoor and Sridevi for many years.

He always advises me on what  films to make  and not make. As for Sridevi we met very often. She was  very close to me  and Dharamji is also very fond of her.

I  don’t know why on Sunday night I woke up at 2.30 am and checked my phone. There  was  a barrage  of  messages  telling me Sridevi was no more. I  prayed  it was  a prank. But  it was not. The suffering that  Boney’s family has now gone through.

To  first lose her and then to be subjected to that whole  experience of getting her back to Mumbai from Dubai…My God!  Boney is shattered beyond the limits of grief. My heart reaches  out to the two girls Jahanvi and Khushi. I am the  mother of two daughters. I know what it means to have two teenage daughters growing up.

And to not have a mother around!….A section of the media has been extremely insensitive and brutal. At  a time like this when  the family is suffering  so  much how can they  be so cruel and mean? We as a film fraternity are  one  family and we strongly object to this kind of intrusive  and vulgar journalism.

You have to see how what the family is going through to understand how much sensitivity they need in this hour of crisis. Dharamji is shattered. He  has worked with Sridevi in a  few films. He cried  like  a baby when he heard  of  her death. Aisa kaise  ho sakta hai? He kept asking. That’s what we are all wondering.

How can this happen? There  is  a lesson to be  learnt  for all of us. Be  kind to everyone. Live life truthfully and  compassionately.And treat every day like the last day of your life.”

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