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“Hema Malini Doesn’t Touch A  Drop Of Alcohol”

Family and close friends of  actress-parliamentarian Hema Malini are livid over the seemingly inebriated comment of the Maharashtrian legislator about the actress not committing suicide though she drinks every day.

While the actress chose not to comment a source close to her wonders if this is a ploy for publicity. “Where does Hema come into the farmers’ suicide issue?If you mention a well-known personality name in a negative way you are bound to get noticed. Hema is not going to fall into the trap of paying attention to this man or reacting to his comments.Nowadays the easiest way for politicians to  get noticed is to  act weirdly or say something completely bizarre. Look at that Shiv Sena guy who used his slippers on a flight personnel. Suddenly everyone knows him. Hema doesn’t want this  guy  who brought up her name to get publicity out of her.”

Sources close to the actress say she is in consultation with her lawyers to work out a defamation case.

“For the record, Hema doesn’t touch alcohol,” says the source.


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