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Hema Malini’s Russian Fans Go Berserk



Earlier this week Bollywood’s most beloved  ‘Dream Girl’  HemaMalini  headed to Russian on a special invitation to attend the Indian  Film Festival Of Russia.

Little did she  know what awaited her.

“It was  the most exhilarating three days of my life. The fan adoration I saw in Russia is unbelievable. Why do the Russians  love me so much?” Hemaji wondered as she laughed her throaty laughter.

I reminded her that she was and remains the most popular Bollywoodactress ever with the power to lift sagging films and hero’s careers. No actress before or since has conveyed the same  charisma  and power.

She laughs, “So then maybe the Russians have good taste. But seriously I was taken aback. I was told  only two other Indian actors before me have seen the same kind of popularity in Russia.RajKapoor Saab who was incidentally my first costar(in the film SapnonKa Saudagar in 1969) and Mithun Chakraborty.”

Hemaji’s connections with Russia go back to 1980 when she  starred in the Indo-Russian  co-production Alibaba 40 Chor.

“That  film featured both Indian and Russian technicians and was very popular in Russia. But the Russians today love me for  another film altogether,” says Hemaji shyly.

Hemaji’s Russian fans are not just her fans they are devoted fanatics  of one of her films.

Chortles Hema Malini,  “Seeta Aur Geeta. They are crazy about that film. They remember every detail  of the plot. They want  a sequel to  Seeta Aur Geeta. Imagine , the film came in  1972, and they want a sequel now!”

Incidentally  the  Seeta Aur Geeta director Ramesh Sippy is game for a sequel. Sippy who has collaborated with Hema on the historicSholay recently worked with Hema Malini again in a film calledShimla Mirchi .

Hema Malini confesses one of the pleasures of  the Russian visit was to meet the veteran Russian actress Kseniya  Ryabinkina.

Says Hemaji fondly, “She was Dharamji’s heroine in Raj Kapoor’s Saab’s Mera Naam Joker. I  was very happy to meet her.”

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