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“History Will Remember Padmaavat, History Will Also Remember How Bhansali Was Hounded  For It,” Asha Parekh Speaks Up For The Beleaguered Film



“The nation has gone mad,” exclaims the furious veteran actress Asha Parekh who sawPadmaavat on Thursday night at a special screening organized  by  Bhansali.

“Believe me, I haven’t been able to sleep, I am in a trance after watching the film,” saysAshaji, an unabashed fan  of  Bhansali’s work. “The work he extracts  from his  actors…I wish I could become 30 years  younger to play a Sanjay Leela Bhansali  heroine. But having said that, I’d  like to congratulate Deepika Padukone for her performance.If today I had to make a  film on Rani Padmavati I’d cast none other  but Deepika. Her grace in her dancing and in her acting is simply  commendable. Ranveer Singh  is the epitome of  evil…Every frame in the  film is bewitching. And the Ghoomar dance that they’ve objected to is  so beautiful!!I wonder what the Karni Sena is shouting and  raging about! There is nothing against  the Rajputs  in  the film. Sanjay Bhansali glorifies  the community like no other film before. History will remember what Bhansali has achieved  in Padmaavat.History will also remember what we allowed some section to do to him for mistakes that he  never made…Haan ek ghalti unhone zaror kee.He dared to make film that can rival Mughal-e-Azam in vision and scale.”

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