‘Homosexual’ Beeped Out Of  Aligarh On Television, Writer Apurva Asrani Reacts

Does the gay community does not exist for the Indian censor board? This is  the question that writer Apurva Asrani who scripted the highly-lauded film about a real-life gay professor from Aligarh University who was caught in a compromising position during a sting operation, wants to ask.

Says Apurva sadly, “As always, we are afraid to call a homosexual what he is. But I think it extends to any discussion on sexuality, gay or straight.”

Apurva shocks by saying that even the heterosexual scenes of intimacy in Aligarh had to be cut.  “The regulatory body insisted we edit out the kissing between the heterosexual couple too. We had no choice but to strip the film of its edge.”

He sees a lot of hypocrisy regarding sex from the top to the bottom(pun intended). “ It’s sad, we as a society would rather talk about sex in double entendres and item songs, but uttering the word sex is considered blasphemy! Imagine how confused our kids will grow up to be. I think this feat extends to any discussion on sexuality–gay or straight.
Ends Apurva angrily, “Imagine a film about homosexuality has no reference to homosexuality.
But they also beeped out the word sex altogether.”

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