Hrithik: “I Am Inspired By My Mom”

Hrithik Roshan’s favourite woman is his mom Pinky Roshan, the quiet and very efficient force behind the successful family.

She is also a fitness fanatic who was introduced to the gym by her super-fit son. But now it’s Mom who inspiresHrithik to remain supremely healthy.
Says Hrithik appreciatively, “I am totally inspired by her.My mom is an incredible example of feminine power. Because I see her vulnerable like a little girl at the same time powerful as a woman and constantly evolving and amassing wisdom through experience and books. And always wanting to inspire others.”

Hrithik has also learnt the of smiling away the blues from his mother. “The best part is her totally cool attitude to life and its problems .She is always smiling, encouraging all of us in the family to remain upbeat.”
Hrithik Roshan also finds her attitude to physical fitness very inspiring. “My mom sets the best possible example for me and my Dad to stay fit.  I may miss a morning workout but she is always there at the gym on time. And she is always there with my Dad. She makes sure that he too never misses a day at the gym.”

The superstar has discovered the magic formula for a  successful marriage.

“A couple that works-out together , stays together!” chuckles Hrithik mischievously.

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