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Hrithik Roshan Shoots Down Possibility Of  Reunion With Sussanne

Lately there has been much  speculation on whether Hrithik Roshan and his erstwhile wife Sussanne Khan are getting together again.

All this talk of the couple’s reunion started when Hrithik andSussanne along with their two sons were seen repeatedly together, first celebrating the New Year in Dubai, then now more recently in  the company of Mr and Mrs Akshay Kumar.

However Hrithik shoots down all speculation about a reconciliation with his wife.

Says the superstar resolutely, “Sussane and I are friends. We still love and care for each  other. That’s about all.As for Sussanne and I being seen with Akshay and Twinkle I must admit I’ve grown very fond of them.”

A lot Hrithik’s attention is now focused on the task of working with and towards the welfare of the physical disabled.

“We haven’t formulated any concrete plans yet.  I am meeting with doctors this week. It will be a campaign to help the help the speciallyabled.”


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