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Hrithik Roshan’s Equity Soars After Super 30



Hrithik  Roshan did his maths  properly before playing Anand  Kumar in Super  30. As the  film continues to break records , Hrithik’s boxoffice value has  suddenly shot up by  leaps and bounds, the bitter aftereffects of   the disastrous Mohenjo Daro forgotten.

 Perhaps the  biggest beneficiary of  Hrithik’s  godsent  boxoffice bonanza  is  his next release entitled War. Apparently its  producer Aditya Chopra’s Yash Raj  Films has decided to  pump  the  film’s  publicity and marketing to a  frenzied  volume before  it releases  on October 2.

Says a   source close  to  the project,  “War is suddenly a lot bigger than  it used  to be before the  release  of Super  30. Hrithik is back in the reckoning in a big way.And  Yash Raj wants to ensure War is Hrithik’s second  blockbuster  of  the year.

Says a source, “They are  trying to work in bigger  action sequences  for Hrithik to play up his larger-than-life character.In Super 30 he’s a real-life character. In War he  is a full-on filmy hero. And the  fights and dances  featuring Hrithik and  Tiger Shroff are epic in  proportion.”

Director  Siddharth Anand  who has earlier  worked with Hrithik in the  successful actioner Bang Bang is confident  of his product.  “Reactions to  the teaser have been phenomenal, to say the least.And now the pressure is on  to deliver what we have promised. It’s a good pressure to have.I am  nervous about the expectations, yes. It’s a huge responsibility now.But I am confident.The film will surprise everyone. The film delivers everything that the  teaser has promised.”

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