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I want to make good films: Mahesh Babu



Subhash K Jha Talks To Mahesh Babu On Playing The Spy In The New Film Spyder, And His Plans For The Future  Including A  Film With  Rajamouli

You  turned 42 in August. What are you thoughts  in your 40s when your career is going great  guns?

(smiles) I’m in a good place now in my life and career .Right now my energies are on Spyder’s release .

Speaking  of  guns,  Spyder seems to be the quintessential guns-and-espionage thriller. How did you hit on this slick idea for a movie?

Murugudoss Sir met me at our home a year and half ago and said he had a script . I instantly liked it and said yes ! I have always wanted to work with him since a while and this was an opportunity I wasn’t gonna miss .And I didn’t!

That sounds like an offer you couldn’t refuse?

Oh yes,Spyder is a subject which can be handled only by someone whose amazing at his craft and there was no one better than Murugudoss Sir for it (smiles).

There are huge expectations riding on  Spyder . Do you feel a little anxious when fans expect so  much from you?

I’ve said this before it is a big responsibility towards my fans and I feel anxious and nervous before every release .I want to make good films and have a body of work my fans can be proud of .They will be proud of Spyder as a film . I can say it with confidence .

Action films   have always been your forte….or so your audience  believes.Do  you agree?

Yes I do agree action has always worked for me … and I enjoy that space too .

Action and stuntsSpyder is a very special film specially all the action and stunts need a special mention .Our action director peter Haynes has done a commendable job.We have two or three  great episodes for which we all worked for days on each episode.But why am I telling you this?I’d prefer you go watch it on the big screen rather than me talk about it .

Do you intend   to carry the character in Spyder further into more movies?

As of now no such plans of a sequel.

Spyder Source: Twitter

Spyder Source: Twitter

The film is a bi-lingual in Tamil and Telugu…..are you aiming at expanding your market? If so, why not Hindi cinema?

Yes, it is a bi-lingual . I wouldn’t say it’s about expanding your market but when u make a big budget film to make the numbers work it’s only makes sense to do it In that many more languages.Besides Murugudoss Sir was confident that his primary market was Tamil and mine Telugu so we decided it was best we made the film in these two first .

Nowadays Indian cinema is no longer led by Bollywood films. We have Hollywood films and cinema from the South vying for an Pan-India  audience. Where do you think Spyder fits in to this rapidly-changing audience -profile ?​

Spyder is a film that caters to all types of audiences .its a crisp , fast paced thriller .

Besides an astonishing career  of uninterrupted stardom your  untainted image  of the perfect family man is also exceptional.What is you recipe for such a successful marriage?

It’s about being happy and content in your work space and family space ..I’m truly blessed on both these fronts .God has been kind .

What are you planning to work in after Spyder?​​

I am currently working on a film Bharat Sni Nenu  directed by Koratala Siva .

Is it true you are doing a  film with Rajamouli? What kind of a film would that be  and when would you be doing that film

Yes Rajamouli Sir and Me will be working together soon .. we still haven’t decided what kind of a film it will be .But it will be special, for sure.

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