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India’s Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar Is Ecstatic Over Modi’s Win



The minute it was clear that Bollywood had only real electoral winner Sunny Deol the phones would stop ringing for the entire Deol parivar.

Papa Dharmendra could barely hold back his tears. “It’s all God’s blessings. I feel Sunny will make a truly worthy successor to my dear and much-missed Vinod Khanna in the Gurdaspur constituency.”

But it was Asia’s resident nightingale Lata Mangeshkar who was most ecstatic to see PM Narendra Modi back in the saddle.

Says Lataji, “At the risk of seeming politically motivated I had openly urged the Indian electorate to vote for Modiji.U have never done this before, never made any political comments.But I spoke to my fans to vote for Modiji. I sincerely felt he was the best and the only candidate suitable for prime ministership. Modiji has the strength of will and the determination to lead the nation forward. Today all of us in the Mangeshkar family are celebrating his victory.”

When asked if she would like to meet Modiji to congratulate him personally Lataji says, “Jee haan main bilkul milna chahungi.What he has done is no small achievement.I’d like to meet him and congratulate him personally.”

While the Modi supporters in Bollywood are rejoicing, the ones who openly opposed the PM’s return to power are in a sober pensive mood.

Specially wounded is old BJP loyalist turned Bollywood’s Congress I candidate Shatrughan Sinha who was sure of winning from his home constituency in Patna under the assumption that his constituents would vote for him ,no matter which political party he belonged to.

Little did he know.

As for Urmila Matondkar , a brand new convert to politics Urmila had hoped to begin a new phase in her life via politics.

But as one of her colleagues comments, “Urmila’s intentions were right. But she chose the wrong vehicle(the Congress I) for her aspirations.”

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