Is Aamir Khan Having Second Thoughts On Mahabharat?

Until a few months ago, Aamir Khan was enormously excited about doing a 5-part  version of the Mahabharat for the large screen. But  now we hear he’s getting second thoughts, thanks to the growing atmosphere of  creative bullying in the country.

Informed  sources say Aamir is “seriously re-considering” his decision to do the Mahabharat.

Says  the source, “Doing history or mythology  has  become very very tricky. Look at what Padmaavat had to go through.Aamir is weighing  the pros and cons  of  doing the Mahabharat  knowing he’s bound to land up in trouble with fringe groups  protesting light right and centre. Aamir may drop his plans of doing the Mahabharat for now.”

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