Is Prime Minister Modi Going To Attend Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding?

Bride-to-be Priyanka Chopra and her groom-in-the-making Nick Jonas were in Delhi on Thursday . The  buzz  is that they met Prime Minister Narendra Modi inviting him for their wedding in  Jodhpur on December 1 .

A  source in the know  says, “We are  not sure if  she was  actually able to meet the PM  with her fiancé. But  the invitation  with a  special request to put in  an appearance has been conveyed to the  PM.”

He  is said  to be  considering  the  invitation.

When a pal  of  Priyanka  got to know  of the super-august presence expected at her  wedding in Jodhpur he  laughed, “TrustPeeCee to pull an ace from  her sleeve. She  will take you by surprise every time, the wedding being no exception.”

It  is evident that thd Priyanka-Jonas wedding would display a lavishness  beyond the one  just witnessed  in the  Deepika-Ranveer wedding.

A  socially active  glamorous filmmaker reveals, “The  whole idea is to be one-up on the  other wedding. No matter how much they pretend to be friends, there is  massive undercurrent  of  competitiveness between Priyanka and Deepika. And  if  Deepika’s wedding was a super-exclusive affair  far away in Lake Como, Priyanka’s  wedding would be  a super-lavish affair right here in exotic  Jodhpur.”

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