Is Priyanka Chopra Dating Nick Jonas on The Rebound?


Priyanka Chopra and American singer-musician Nick Jonas look happy together. And now with Jonas’ family coming forward in praise of Priyanka, it’s just a matter of time before she acknowledges her big trans-cultural romance.

However friends back home in Mumbai are wondering if Priyanka is trying to ease the pain of a broken heart with a romance on the rebound.

All of Mumbai knows Priyanka was in a long stormy relationship with a major Bollywood superstar .

Says a close friend of the actrsuperstar couldn’tperstar couldn’t offer her the stability of marriage, and still wanted the relationship to continue , Priyanka did a very brave thing.She put an end to the relationship firmly and moved on instead of hanging on to a relationship with no future.”

The resolute stand taken by Priyanka over a relationship that had no future echoes what the great Nargis did when Raj Kapoor couldn’t offer her the security of marriage. Nargis firmly terminated all personal and professional association with Raj Kapoor and married Sunil Dutt.

So is Nick Jonas the Sunil Dutt in Priyanka Chopra’s life?

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