Is Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Upset About Being Left Out Of The Bio-pic?

For reasons best known to the Sanju team, Sanjay Dutt’s eldest born,Trishala has been completely obliterated from the bio-pic .

This apparently has not gone down well with Trishala.Apparently Sanjay Dutt’s eldest born threw a fit when she realized she was no part of the bio-pic on her father.

Or ,so claims a section of the informed press.

However a source close to Sanjay Dutt pooh-poohs this line of thought saying it was part of a plan. “Trishala didn’t fit into the plot. Out of Sanjay Dutt’s three marriages the film’s writer Abhijat Joshi was told to concentrate only on Dutt’s current marriage to Maanyata.Dutt and Maanyata manoeuvred the narrative to its final course.”

Apparently this was the format that suited both Dutt and his current wife.

“They were both well clued into what was happening.And they wanted only the current marriage to feature in the film.In fact, Trishala was told about it. She knew she wasn’t part of the film from before its release, ” says the source.

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