Ittefaq: The Killer Is  Neither Sonakshi Nor Siddharth!


A bigger suspense than the one inherent in B R Chopra’s pathbreaking 1969 whodunit is, why would anyone want to remake a suspense film when the crux, that  is the ending, is already known to the entire universe?

The answer to that is very simple: the production house owned  by B R Chopra’s grandsons have no original stories to tell. So they will remake their granddad B R and grand-uncle Yash Chopra’s film. BothBaldev and Yash who couldn’t see eye to eye during their lifetimes, must be showering blessings on their cannibalistic heir-apparents.

First  it is Ittefaq now B R Chopra’s grandsons  are re-doing another B R Chopra production Chotisi Baat.

As for the suspense already being out, here’s how Abhay Chopra(that’s B R Chopra’s grandson) has gotten around that problem. He has…hold  your breath…  altered  the ending.Just like  a modern day Shah Jehan who might decide to  alter the structure of  the Taj Mahal.  The iconic original which B R Chpra produced  and his brother Yash directed starred Rajesh Khanna as a fugitive hiding in housewife Nanda’s home.

Don’t laugh. But Rajesh Khanna’s charismatic angst is being replicated by Siddharth Malhotra, he  of Baar Baar Dekh(no thanks) and A Gentleman(if you say so) fame;.

Nanda in a  complete  volte face  of image , had played the killer. Elementary that the remake won’t feature Nanda’s new avatarSonakshi Sinha as a killer.

So  is it her co-star Siddharth Malhotra whodunit?

“Neither of them,” says a source in the know. “The killer is someone else altogether. The remake changes the original radically to preserve the suspense element.”

So clue me  in here. If you are making  a different  film why are you calling it Ittefaq? Cashing in  on the family jewels, so to speak? And if you are remaking Ittefaq why do you have songs in the remake? In an era when music was king Yash Chopra had dared to make a songlesssuspense thriller.

What is the USP of Ittefaq?  What is it raison d’etre? Ah, suspense suspense….

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