I’ve become a mature woman after marriage: Kareena Kapoor


Not stardom, not marriage and certainly not competition…Nothing dims Kareena Kapoor’s aura of self-satisfaction. She can call herself ‘stunning’ without sounding vain. The beauty of being Kareena Kapoor Khan is that the beauty never gets in the way of her honest self appraisal and candid opinion on all those who matter in her life. In this heart-to-heart chat Kareena comes clean on career. ,marriage, stepchildren, , stardom motherhood , and yes, her blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with Sanjay Bhansali.

Kareena Kapoor is….Kareena Kapoor. With or without the Khan she dazzles you with her selfconfidence and beauty, not necessarily in that order. With another blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan to her name, Kareena is again on a career-high. In a freewheeling tete-a-tete Kareena tells Subhash K Jha she’s looking forward to remain stunning until 80, and beyond.

Are you now looking at entering a new phase in your career?

Oh, absolutely.I am now moving into performance-driven roles.  For the next two years you will see me in a more performance-oriented cinema. In Abhishek Choubey’s Udta Punjabi  you will see me playing a substantial character.I was quite jittery about Balki’s Ki & Ka.


I told Saif I need to be on my own for at least 4  hours days, lock myself away and get into Balki’s character. This  character challenged me like none recently.

What about Udta Punjabi?

After Chameli and Jab We Met this is the film and role closest to my heart. Ooof, what a film and what a story!There were irresponsible reports that I was’t doing the film because Shahid was in it. Why do people write like this?

Because it makes juicy copy?

Haan toh phir likho (laughs).I said yes to Abhishek Choubey immediately.Now I am ready to work with younger talented directors. I think my script sense is improving.

Who are your favourite co-stars?

Salman, Aamir and Ajay Devgn. I’ve shared brilliant films and wonderful times with them. I’ve done such diverse work with each of them.And I’ve grown up in front of them. They were all my sister Lolo’s co-stars. Salman has given 9 hits with Lolo. Ajay has done dozens of films with her and Aamir gave his career’s biggest hit Raja  Hindustani  with Lolo. And I was there to see all these shootings.

What plans does Karisma have?

Just to take care of her two children. His son is just 3 ½.

Are you protective  of her specially now when she’s single again?

Of course .But more than me. Saif is protective of her. He truly loves Lolo. She is a wonderful person and very reserved.  She says I bully her. She is mild mellow and softspoken. She’s like a little lamb .She lives two building away from me and we are constantly in touch.

I’ve become a mature woman after marriage: Kareena Kapoor

I’ve become a mature woman after marriage: Kareena Kapoor

People had given your marriage to Saif six months?

Ha ha.We are married for three years. I’ve matured with this relationship. I’ve become a mature woman after marriage. I’ve become more responsible towards my family. At the same time he allows me to fly. Whether I want to do an item song or I want to go on a holiday with my female pals, he is all for it.He says I should do what I  like. I plan to go to Barcelona with my female friends after Balki’s film.

Tell me about your relationship with Saif’s children?

Earlier it was just us. Now I enjoy having his family , my family over for meals. I love it when Sara and Ebrahim come over. I keep calling them to come over. But they don’t visit us as often as I’d like them to. They have their own  social circle. Ebrahim at 15 has his own friends.

Whom are you closer with?Ebrahim or Sara?

Sara, because she’s now a grown up girl. We share a lot of girlie stuff. Both the children are so well brought up. Full credit to their mom(Amrita Singh).

What about your own child?

Not right now. I am not ready.And you know me. Until I am ready I won’t do anything.Two years from now I’ll be  a mom.

What about the biological clock?

Arrey women  have children at 40. I’ve a long way to go. I will definitely have my own children. I’ve always done what I wanted to. I wanted to be a star-actor, then I wanted to get married, have a home.  I’ll be  a mother. And I’ll continue to act.

No other film family has given two female sibling superstars like you and Karisma?

Yes, and we are very proud and grateful.

What about Sanjay Bhansali’s Ram Leela?

Aap meri bachpan ki baat kar rahe ho. He has moved on to Bajirao Mastani. Before Ram Leela he offered me Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Sanjay and I are chattis ka akra. We are estranged lovers from our previous birth. In this life we are not meant to come together. But in our next life we’ll kill it on screen.

I am sure you’ll work together in this life only?

Insha Allah. I really love Sanjay. And he knows it.I don’t have a  single negative thought about him

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