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Jackie Chan-Sonu Sood Rocked Kapil’s Show

The trend in recent releases had been towards a bromance . In Raees Shah Rukh Khan’s chemistry with  Nawazuddin Siddiqui is far more palpable than with Mahira Khan. Now while promoting Kung Fu Yoga on TheKapil Sharma Show, Jackie Chan’s female co-stars were incidental.

It was Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood all the way. Jackie Chan who had driven straight from the Mumbai airport to record Kapil’s  show, was not the least bit fatigued. He laughed at Kapil and his team’s inhouse humour(which I am sure, Chan had no clue about), danced to Bollywood  tracks and even made a dig about a ‘Made In China’ teapot on the sets.

I don’t know why Kapil Sharma needed to keep talking incessantly and reminding us that his command over the English language was weak.Sitting in front of was a super-successful star who proved you don’t need to be proficient in  the English language to conquer Hollywood.

“I didn’t go for the Oscar. The Oscar came to me,” said Chan sounding not the lest boastful.

How was Kapil’s cracks about his show’s budget and attempts to promote his own forthcoming film, of any relevance to Jackie Chan?Is this what Asia’s biggest star had in store during his flash-visit to India?

His only television interview during his fleeting visit  to Mumbai Jackie Chan could’ve been asked some pertinent questions about Indo-Chinese relations, Kung Fu Yoga being an Indo-Chinese co-production. Instead there was the usual buffoonery and Kapil’s desperately cute questions like, ‘What does it feel like to do kissing scenes?’

Action star?? Kissing scenes? It was like asking Madonna about her visits to the Church.

Jackie Chan’s spirit survived this onslaught on his intellectual  faculties. He didn’t even flinch when Ali Asgar in drag did Chan’s aarti to the sound of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

I am sure the Chinese star has witnessed stranger situations in  life.

Conspicuous by his absence during Jackie Chan’s visit to Kpail’s show was Navjot Singh Sidhu. Strangely he was replaced by Raveena Tandon who admittedly is much easier on the eyes.


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