Jagga Jasoos Is A Full On Broadway Styled Musical

In a delectable deviation from the norm Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos does away with the spoken dialogues.

Everything in the film is expressed in song-form.

Says director Anurag Basu, “Yes, Jagga Jasoos is a full-on musical. Yes, everything in the film is said in  a musical form.”

There were rumours  initially that the musical format had been scrapped.

But Anurag denies any such change of plans. “We never deviated from that format,although people including you, wrote that we had changed our mind and were making the film in a  different format. ”

Why didn’t he correct the misconceptions floating around regarding his unique film?

“I  never bothered to correct the errors being spread about Jagga Jasoos. Why should I?  I  was too  busy trying to  make the film that I wanted to. Also, I feel there is no point in explaining what your film is  about. Let it  be seen . It will speak for itself.”

So  how difficult was it making a  Broadway-styled musical in Hindi?

Anurag  surmises, “I wouldn’t say  it’s a Broadway-styled musical. It is far more Indian in tone and treatment.”

As for the difficulties  in tackling the novel format  of  storytelling Anurag shrugs,”It wasn’t difficult for me to do the musical format on screen. I’ve done the format in  theatre. So it was only a  matter of translocating the format.”

Anurag gives his music composer Pritam Chakraborty credit for the musical ampleness of Jagga Jasoos. ” My long-term musical collaborator Pritam is the real power behind Jagga Jasoos. He has given me  all the songs and music   that I wanted. Without Pritamda Jagga Jasoos wouldn’t have been possible.”

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