Kamal Haasan On His Daughter’s Controversial Bahen Hogi Teri

That Shruti Haasan’s film the seemingly innocuous rom-com Bahen Hogi Teri has fallen into the bad  books of religious fundamentalists doesn’t surprise her father Kamal Haasan, himself no stranger to controversies.

They’ve objected to a shot of Shruti’s co-star Raj Kummar Rao riding a  two-wheeler dressed like Lord Shiva.

Kamal Haasan who was lately embroiled in  a controversy over his remarks on the Mahabharat, says such fundamentalist attacks are now  a part of the entertainment spectrum. “I was not the least  surprised with such extreme retaliations. Our country is fast losing its sense  of  humour. And the sooner we realize it, the better for  all of us in this business of entertainment.”

Kamalji was understandably worried  about his daughter’s safety when the controversy broke out.

Says  the  protective but non-interfering father, “It will all settle down, I hope. In any case  Shruti takes all her career decisions on her own.We don’t discuss our work when we meet.Shruti is hopefully and probably  making right career moves. Unlike me, she is very sure of what he wants. I remember  I lost out on the opportunity of doing a film with Mr. Manmohan Desai—I think it was Allah Rakha—but I did a film called Sagara Sangamam instead. I wish I could have done both.But I have no regrets. Sagara Sangamam will be remembered for a long time.”

Kamal Haasan  will be watching Bahen Hogi Teri soon. “Yes I will see it soon.For a very long time I stayed away  from Shruti’s films fearful that I may either be over-critical or over-indulgent. But now I think we both can look at each other’s work dispassionately.”

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