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Kamal Haasan: “I Was Labelled  An Anti-Muslim After  Vishwaroop”



The first-look of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroop 2 which the filmmaker-actor put out on Tuesday shows him holding the Indian flag . His face has plaster covering his cheek.

That, considering the physical and emotional battering he has been through in recent  months, is an image truly in character.

The ever-affable never-say-die actor-director laughs,  “The injury is in  continuity from Part One of Vishwaroop.  The flag is an emblem  of what the protagonist Wisam stands for.”

Kamal Haasan recalls the problems he had to face for the film’s release in 2013. “Some states threatened to ban it . But it was only Tamil Nadu that actually went ahead and banned it.There was a kind of a panic among theatre owners in Tamil Nadu because of the uncertainty.I can’t blame them. Film exhibitors are like any business on the streets. If there is a war they’ll pack up and leave. And when there is a riot they’ll shut shop.”

During the time of  the release of  Vishwaroop Muslim organizations  had objected to certain portions of the  films.

Says Kamal. “

​I was labelled an  anti-Muslim. ​

I wonder where these groups were when I was being attacked for Hey Ram 17 years ago. At that time my film was a threat to the saffron colour. In Vishwaroop it was the colour green. Only the colour challenges. The pattern of illogical protest remains the same.I am against any kind of terrorism, whatever its colour: green, saffron or khaki.  I love all Indians regardless of the religion.”

Kamal promises the sequel to Vishwaroop would be even more politically provocative.  “In the sequel  of Vishwaroop you will see many more layers to my character You just wait and watch. The sequel will be even more volatile.We’d get into my character’s antecedents. The highlight of the sequel would be Jaideep Ahlawat.”

The film has the legendary Waheeda Rehman playing Kamal’s mother.The ethereally enchanting Waheeda Rehman who regaled us with her nimble dancing in Vijay Anand’sGuide 50  years ago will be seen again as a Bharat Natyam dancer in Kamal Haasan’sVishwaroopam 2. The last time Waheedaji  was  seen dancing was the Mujra in Gulzar’sNamkeen 37 years ago.

In Vishwaroopam 2 She  would be seen as she looked in her Guide days, thanks to the marvels of technology.The ever-innovative Kamal Haasan has morphed Waheedaji’s face from her heydays on to a young Bharat Natyam dancer’s torso in the dance performances.

The role of an aging classical dancer in Vishawroopam 2 is a pivotal one of KamalHaasan’s mother. The actor-director was very keen that Vyjanthimala do the part. But she resolutely turned him down. It was then that Waheeda Rehman slipped into the picture.

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