Kamal Haasan Unlikely To Get Into Active Politics Before 2019…

Plunges Into Film Commitments Before Getting Into Politics

The  coming months is going to see Kamal Haasan facing killer schedules to clear the decks for his plunge into politics.

Says the actor-politician, “I need to complete all my film and television commitments before I get into active politics. Bigg Boss has reached the last  lap.

Kamal Haasan Unlikely To Get Into Active Politics Before 2019… 2

We are in the final week of the show’s telecast. So the pace has gotten furious there. Then the post-production of my film Vishwaroopam 2 is also on.We’re now progressing with that at a brisk pace. In addition the Tamil-Telugu-Hindi comedy Shabash Kundu which  got delayed because of my accident will be completed soon. We are into the preparation for a long schedule of that.”


So when do we hope to see Kamal Haasan getting fully into politics?

He  ponders and replies, “I want to finish all my professional commitments by 2018 and keep 2019 free for public and  civic causes. Before I get into a life of social commitments, and that includes politics,  I will have to finish my  pending work in cinema. I say this realizing that there  is no question of a holiday or postponement once you declare you are in politics.”

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