Kangana-Sonam War Of Words

When the tainted  director Vikas Bahl was called out for  sexual harassment by his leading lady from Queen, Kangana Ranaut, no one expected  one of Kangna’s colleagues  to  question her motives.

 To  everyone’s surprise  Sonam Kapoor Ahuja reacted with  guarded causticity when Kangana spoke on how Bahl’s body language made her uncomfortable when they were working  together.

Sonam said,  “Sometimes  it’s difficult to take  her seriously. But I love her spunk.”

Not surprisingly Kangana  has reacted sharply to Sonam’s skeptical comment.

 Kangana is quoted as saying, “”What does she mean by saying, ‘It’s hard to believe Kangana’? When I am sharing my #MeToo story, who gives her a right to judge me?…What makes her so unsure of my claims, I am known to be an articulate person, I have represented my country in many international summits, I am called as a thought and youth influencer to these summits, I am not known because of my dad I have earned my place and credibility after struggling for a decade… She (Sonam Kapoor) isn’t known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being an good speaker. What gives these filmy people right to take digs at me? I will demolish each one of them.”

While the film industry’s  responses pro and against this new war of words between the  two feisty actresses is divided, a director who has worked with Kangana says he finds her timing odd. “Just when the man in question is being mob-lynched and just when she’s  doing  publicity  for her new  film she wakes  up to the fact that  he misbehaved with her? When she was working with me  she called Vikas Bahl a genius. When and how did  the genius  become  a pervert?”

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