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Kapil Sharma Back On TV With A  Game –Show In March…Here Are The Details



​2017 was a ghastly year  for  television superstar Kapil Sharma. His very popular The Kapil Sharma Show groaned  to halt after some unsavoury controversies. And his feature film Firangi floundered at the boxoffice, leaving a big question-mark on his  career.

But Kapil is  all set to strike  back, this time not with a stand-up comedy hour  but a game-show where Kapil will host celebrity guests as well as people from ordinary middleclass homes.

A  very close friend  of Kapil reveals  all the details:  “Kapil  was inspired   to do a game-show from the success  of Amitji’s Kaun Banega Crorepati. Kapil is doing a game-show  but not on the lines  of KBC. It will be a unique format, not seen  on  Indian television. In fact the format is being worked out as we speak. It will have celebrities and ordinary people on  the  hotseat. As  host Kapil will interweave a lot of anecdotes and jokes around  the presence of  the participants. The  idea is  to have fun while taking something home.  The  prizes will range from a pressure cooker to  a luxury car.”

Kapil is personally looking into the creative aspects  of the game show. It  will  be named after the host.

Kapil’s  close friend and  collaborator Rajiev Dhingra who was an integral part of the earlier Kapil Sharma Show is  busy directing  a Punjabi film .Dhingra won’t be a part of  Kapil’s game  show which goes on  air on  Sony Entertainment in March.

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