Kapil Sharma Rushed To Hospital After He Complains Of Weakness & Dizziness, He Didn’t Faint, Says Colleague


Contrary to over-dramatic reports in a section of the press which claimed Kapil Sharma “fainted” on the sets of  The Kapil Sharma Show,the comic entertainer only had a dizzy spell minutes before the shooting of a new episode,and  was rushed to hospital.

Says Kapil’s colleague  Kiku Sharda , “Kapil did not faint. He was only feeling uneasy.”

As  a precautionary measure , the promotional recording with Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Imtiaz Ali for their new film, was postponed  and Kapil was taken to the hospital where according to very reliable sources, Kapil is doing fine.

Says a close friend  of Kapil,  “He will be discharged from hospital very shortly. He is more in hospital as a  precautionary measure since he had fainted a few weeks ago on the set. This time he didn’t faint. But his team decided to not take any chances with his health.”

The  close friend further adds, “Kapil has been deeply troubled by recent incidents in his life. He  never thought the midair fight with Sunil Grover would spiral into such a major conflict. Kapil has so far not reached out to Sunil for any reconciliation. He  is as hurt as Sunil.He tells his team members, ‘Yeh usska show hai jitna mera. Bulane ki kya zarooorat hai?’(This is as much his show as  mine .Why do I need to call him?)”

The Kapil Sharma Show team feels it’s time for the cold war between Kapil and Sunil to end.

“It’s taken a toll on Kapil’s health,” a colleague of Kapil reveals.

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