Kapil Sharma’s New Show May Go Off Air Next Week

Kapil Sharma is not shooting for his new show Family Time With  Kapil, and the Channel is rapidly running out of episodes.And after his vile and profane Twitter rant against the media, Channel sources say they are running out of excuses to keep the show (admittedly a non-starter) from staying afloat.

Apparently Sony Entertainment has given Kapil an ultimatum  . If he does n’t shoot for further episodes this weekend, they would shut down the  show, which in any case has  shown no substantial rise in  TRPs since its inception three  weeks  ago.

Says a  source  close  to  the development, “Sony only has no episodes in its bank. Kapil has not shot for any new episodes . He has been ignoring the team’s panic calls, preferring to sleep it out rather than slog over the  show.The Channel would have no option but to close down the show.”

As  the fate  of his new show hangs in balance Kapil shows no overt anxiety .

“He seems indifferent  to the show’s fate and spends  most of his time sleeping,” says a source close to Kapil, “And he seems  to revel in  the  rant that  follows his lengthy drinking sessions.”

 On Friday evening after a massive drinking binge went on an abusive binge on twitter and then called up a journalist from a portal with shouting profanities. The journalist promptly(and rightly) recorded the rant and put it out on his website exposing the ugly side of the comic virtuoso ’s grave grapple with alcoholism.

 Serious efforts are on to do some massive damage control since the  Friday fiasco including the feeblest excuse of them all: hacked twitter account.

However, Kapil denies that his account was hacked.

“I think I went over-board,” he told his horrified friend in the night.

A  close childhood friend of Kapil who was out of town on Friday and returned to Mumbai when all hell had broken loose, says he has fallen into the wrong company. “Kapil has suddenly got new friends who are giving him wrong advice. The alcohol, depression and  the aggression are all destroying his career.”

While Kapil battles his inner demons his new show is more or less shut down now. The scariest part is, Kapil doesn’t seem to care.

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