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Karan Johar faces The Worst Year Of His Career



 Being Karan  Johar has always meant something sinfully  posh.  His name is more than a brand. It is  a symbol of  the High Life  in Bollywood. Little did Karan know that a get-together last week with all his  close A-list friends in Bollywood would  land  him in such serious  trouble.

It started with a Akali Dal MLA accusing the stars on attendance of  taking drugs. Before this controversy could die down the MLA asked the stars to undergo a dope test.

And now a lengthy letter  has emerged on Twitter from an  account named  NotKangana   which questions and challenges  Karan’s hedonistic lifestyle, wonders how the video showing  Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor,  VickyKaushal and others  showing them  high as kite , surfaced on Karan’s Instagram  account. The letter also  expresses a low opinion of Karan as a filmmaker.

While Karan has rightly  chosen to be mum, a close  friend  of the  producer-director-socialite spoke to me asking, “Why is suddenly everyone gunning for Karan? Just because he had  a  colossal flop  like Kalank this year? Everyone has ups and  downs.”

 But  the fact is, 2019 is one of  the most terrible  years  for Karan and he has admitted as  much to his close friends.  Earlier this year he had the  biggest flop of his career as  producer. If Kalank  did  poorly, Student Of  The Year2  which followed hasn’t   exactly covered his career with glory. Then followed the controversy over the party  at his residence.

 It looks  like this is the year of blows  for Karan.We hope he weathers the storm. A long vacation to an unknown destination with his mother and twin children is being planned.

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