Is Karan Johar A Scapegoat In A war Between Exhibitors & Shringar Films?


 Startling facts have come to light regarding  the current crisis facing Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil(ADHM). According to sources in the know,there is much  more to the current campaign by a certain section of film exhibitors to boycott ADHM, than meets the eye.

Reliable sources say the rootcause of the current standoff between exhibitors and KaranJohar’s film is  a long-standing feud between a section of exhibitors  in Maharashtra and  Shringar Films who are the Mumbai-Maharashtra distributors of ADHM.

“For a very long time exhibitors have held a grudge against the way Shringar Filmsfunctions. Since  Shringar Films is distributing Karan Johar’s  ADHM exhibitors have grabbed at the current anti-Pakistan mood of the country to get even with ShringarFilms by boycotting ADHM(which regrettably stars a Pakistani acto) to instead  screen the other Diwali film Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay,” says the insider.

If it is indeed true that the current IndoPak crisis is being used by exhibitors to settle personal  scores with a leading distributor then it is a sad state of affairs for  a nation where selfinterest seems to prevail over larger considerations.

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