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Karthi Speaks On His Supernatural Look In Kaashmora

If you’ve seen Karthi in his last release Oopiri you will be shocked by the transformation in his look in his new film Kaashmora.

Everyone is talking about Karthi’s fiercely aggressive look as a warrior.

Explains Karthi, “Kaashmora is a super-natural historical thriller. My look and my character are hard to explain. The film is a blend of many genres. My character appears in the  30-minute  historical section of the plot.”

Karthi says he had to work really hard on the look. “I had to work on the look for a long time before I could look the way I do .I didn’t want the character to look anything like me. We have used no prosthetics.”

It’s not as if Karthi aims to sport a different look in all his films. “I am not going to try and look different as every character just for the sake of looking different.I have to make sure I fit into every character I play. To me that’s important. And the way I look will depend entirely on the requirements of the character.”


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