Katrina’s Character In Zero Replicates Her Heartbreak With Ranbir Kapoor

If in Aanand Rai’s  Zero  Katrina Kaif has pulled  out all stops to play the heartbroken alcoholic superstar Babita Kumari  it is with reason.Katrina has channeled  her inner heartbreak to  play the  character.

 Close friends say the role was cathartic  as it gave her  a chance to play out all the anguish and  bitterness  that she  suffered when she was  unceremoniously dumped by Ranbir Kapoor.

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Says a  source  in the know, “Katrina was  thinking of giving up her career, and setting up a home to have  Ranbir’s children.Yes, that’s how serious  she was in her relationship with him.”

 Then  it all fell apart, Katrina’s world crashed when she was  left stranded  in the relationship.

According to sources  when she was offered the role of a deserted actress in Zero she saw it as  an opportunity to heal her broken heart.

In the  film Katrina is  shown as a nervous wreck after she  is  jilted  by philanderer Abhay deol.

“She dived into her own grief and hurt to play the role.  This is why she seems so credible in this film. The tears are  not faked,” says a source.

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