Keerthy Suresh To Celebrate The Success Of Mahanati

It’s celebration time for the new Tamil-Telugu sensation Keerthy Suresh and the producers of Mahanati.

With the film acquiring blockbuster status the Mahanati team is planning a huge celebration where the gates would be laid open to the public.

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Keerthy who is shooting around the clock says, “I have been shooting non-stop since the release of Mahanati. I am yet to celebrate or to even think about celebrating. I just haven’t had time to decide. I need to do a Thank You meet for all the people who made Mahanati success. I have to host a party for the team. There is lots to do.”

Keerthy agrees her triumph in Mahanati is no ordinary triump. At 25 she has played the iconic role of the actress Savtri.So what will she do at 50?

Keerthy laughs, “Well if at the age of 25 I’ve acted the part of a character that goes from 15 to 45, then at 50 I should probably try going in the reverse with a character.”

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