Khushboo Returns  To  Telugu Cinema After 10 Years

The  new Pawan Kalyan rabble-rouser Agnyaathavaasi  which opened  on  Wednesday marks the  return  of  Tamil veteran  actressKhushboo to Telugu cinema after 10 years.

Speaking exclusively  to this writer Khushboo took time off to explain why she chose to make  a comeback in a Pawan Kalyan  film.

Says  the actress, last seen in Telugu in S S Rajmouli’s  costume drama Yamadonga, “I have been away from cinema, and not just in Telugu,  for a long time.For me to do a film again,especially in Telugu, it was very important that I play a very very vital role and I loved my role in Agnyaathavaas  when director  Trivikram offered me this.”

In fact the director, says Khushboo who at  one  point did  films simultaneously  in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and  Kannada was adamant that she  do the role. “After 10 years to do a film in Telugu it had to be a special one.Agnyathavaasi is that special one.The entire set-up was  very appealing and eventually rewarding. Pawan  and  the crew treated me  like a member  of their family.Trivikaram had offered me films earlier.But I was not very keen then as I  did not like the roles.This  time he came to me and said, ‘Maam ,you cannot say no to this.’ And  I didn’t say no. How could  I? He made  an offer  I couldn’t resist.”

   Khushboo  says she enjoyed working with Pawan Kalyan. “Pawan is a very cool co-star.He’s a man of a few words but very comfy to work with.”

Sadly Khushboo  has not been  able to dub her  own  Telugu lines inAgnyaathavaas. “I speak Telugu very well.But my voice was dubbed by Sarita.Does  that take away from  my performance  in  Agnyaathavaas? No I  don’t think so. That  character  needed  a voice  like Sarita’s.”

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