KriArj Makes ​John Abraham Bite The Dust

With a ‘stay-order’ on the release date of the disputed film Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran it is clear that the widely-reported “war” between John Abraham’s production house JA Entertainment and KriArj Entertainment has been forced to a truce by the honourable court.

It also leaves John’s aggressive proclamations of a May 4 release, come what ‘May’(pun intended) looking rather silly and ineffect

Apparently the court has ordered JA Entertainment to join hands with KriArj to release the film on a new date. 25 May, as it happens to be.

The aggression and arrogance with which Abraham claimed ownwership of a film that clearly did not belong solely to him, shows how far removed a certain kind of stardom gets from the reality around the person who claims that stardom.

Parmanu is a big film for John.He hasn’t had much success in recent times. It gives him a chance to play a real-life character.By pushing the film into the zone of controversy John probably thought there would be enhanced curiosity in the project. Instead there was only delay

A nd now with the court order to release the film in collaboration with KriArj entertainment the production partner whom he wanted to oust from the project , John has ended up looking extremely compromised.
We only wish he would learn to handle his career with more intelligence. John deserves better.

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